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Grief/Loss Recovery

Contact Mariann Arcari Rubin, LCSW at: 480.380.6248

  • Death of a Loved One           
  • Infertility
  • Divorce                                
  • Miscarriage                    
  • Loss of Trust
  • Death of a Pet
  • Moving                               
  • Loss of Job                        
  • A Child Starting/Graduating School
  • Medical Issues 
  • Any other of the more than 40 losses one can experience in a lifetime​

Is your heart broken from a recent or past loss?

We're taught in our society to "not feel bad", to "be strong", or "give it time" to deal with a loss.  Even when people in your life mean well, these messages do not always help us recover.  Instead, we end up being incomplete. No matter what type of loss you have experienced -- either recently or long ago, unresolved losses can keep us in a negative cycle of decisions or unhealthy behaviors.  Even if there are activities or behaviors that have worked for you in the past, they may not be working for you today. 

This 7-week one-on-one course will provide you with personalized action steps to recover from the incomplete relationships, issues, and feelings in your life. 

The kinds of Loss you are experiencing may include, but are not limited to: