I want you to feel better and have the best quality of life.  
You deserve it

Your children, family, friends, colleagues,
and everyone in your life deserve 
the best version of yourself

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When do you matter?  
When is it your turn to feel better?  
When are you important enough to invest in yourself?  
... And not with food, shopping, isolation, or keeping busy.  
While these can help, they can't replace

doing the real emotional work you need to feel better and get on with your life.

Mariann Arcari Rubin, LCSW

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


You may deal with change or loss in your life by keeping busy. 

You may deal by spending money, overworking, or overindulging in ways that hurt yourself and those around you.  

What can you do when what worked for you before suddenly doesn't work anymore?

Struggling with big changes?

Experiencing Loss?

Trying to find your "new normal?"

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